The cottage was originally built by George Sydney Putland in 1914.

perth hills vintage history
perth hills history
1920, The Putland family all dressed up for the Royal Show.  Gerard (3yrs), George.S, Maureen (6months), Molly, & Georgina (5yrs)
"With his adventurous nature Dad [George Putland] saw an advertisment through Peet and Co. London, for virgin land to be settled in Western Australia and they decided to buy it, sight unseen! 
Dad said that on his return from Brazil he had hoped to train as a dentist in the USA however after meeting Mum, the whirlwind courtship and marriage they decided they could not live on a student salary in the States so opted to come to Western Australia, clear his land and grow oranges."
- (Georgina Dwyer, 'Britain to Brazil to Bickley & Beyond' 2013, pg.8)
"They both arrived in 1914 travelling on the ship 'Persic'"
perth hills history
"Dad built a bungalow style house of four rooms over the next three months. It had lovely jarrah dado around the walls inside and floors which polished so well. Furniture was improvised by using kerosene boxes "painted" with black boy gum (now Grass Tree Gum) broken down by methylated spirits."
- (Georgina Dwyer, 'Britain to Brazil to Bickley & Beyond' (2013) pg.9)
"As I grew older I would go off down under an orange tree covered in perfumed blossom and lie on the grass and 'dream' of my future.
I'd also have lovely talks with Dad when I helped him pack oranges for market overseas. Each orange was wrapped in a square of tissue paper and packed into a half bushel 'flats' or bushel 'dumps' made of thin wood, nailed and stamped:
- (Georgina Dwyer, 'Britain to Brazil to Bickley & Beyond' (2013) pg.9)

A big thank you to Maureen & Georgie Dwyer 
(daughters of G.S Putland), and family for sharing all your wonderful stories about your life here in Bickley!
We loved getting to know so much about the cottage's history and really enjoyed meeting you all!